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Friday 12:07 CST, January 20, 2017

Rehabilitation Programs

Certification Contact Directory

Patrick Phelan
Interim Executive Director
(630) 792-5145

David Eickemeyer
Associate Director

Caroline Isbey
Associate Director

Brian Johnson
Associate Director

Lija Basu
Marketing Manager, Certification

Francine Topps
Business Development Specialist

Kristine Stejskal
Business Development Coordinator



Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care Certification is available for many types of rehabilitation programs, in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation specialty hospitals, long term care facilities or home care settings. Currently-certified programs include:

  • Stroke rehabilitation

  • Brain Injury rehabilitation

  • Cardiac rehabilitation

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation

All rehabilitation certifications are reviewed using the general disease-specific care standards. In addition, rehabilitation programs must adopt clinical practice guidelines relevant to the care provided, and collect and analyze four performance measures.
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