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Friday 12:17 CST, March 23, 2018

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Benefits of Health Care Staffing Certification

June 5, 2009

Certification reduces risk

The Joint Commission’s Health Care Staffing Services standards address areas of risk within your business, and help you put plans and policies in place that anticipate and minimize risk to your business.

Professional liability carriers have acknowledged this risk reduction with discounted liability insurance for certified agencies. View the list of carriers.

Certification opens doors

It is increasingly common for hospitals and other providers to ask about certification in RFPs, or write language into RFPs that requires certification. Becoming certified places you in an elite group to receive those contracts. In addition, when hospitals are looking to save costs by cutting the number of staffing firms they contract with, certification may be used as a logical cutoff point for which firms to retain and which firms to cut. Certification can keep you on the preferred list. Because certified staffing firms understand the compliance and continuous improvement issues that their customers work with, it can help increase your clients’ confidence in your company.

Certification attracts the best staff

Certification shows the pool of available personnel that you are committed to quality. Use your Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval™as a recruitment tool for attracting and retaining high quality staffing personnel who are looking for employment with a firm that adheres to national standards.

Certification builds your business from the inside out

Joint Commission certification provides you with a rigorous framework that helps improve the way you measure and improve your internal procedures and processes. This gives you confidence that you’re following the best industry practices available.

Demonstrate Internal and External Commitment to a Higher Standard of Services

Joint Commission Health Care Staffing Services Certification is the gold standard in evaluation for the staffing industry. The Joint Commission is a name your clients know and trust. Voluntarily undergoing certification is a strong indicator that a health care staffing firm meets national consensus-based industry standards. In order for health care staffing firms to become certified by The Joint Commission, they undergo a voluntary on-site evaluation. Compliance with the standards is intended to improve the quality of health care and increase patient safety. The certification review provides a comprehensive evaluation of key processes such as verifying the credentials and competencies of health care staff.  Four areas are addressed: Leadership, Human Resource Management, Performance Measurement and Continuous Improvement, and Information Management.  Standards FAQs.

Get Started Today

Joint Commission certification can be a positive force for improvement for your firm. You may be surprised to learn how many standards you currently meet. Visit to download a few quick materials to find  out. You’ll find a start-up kit that will take you through the entire process, from what it will cost to samples of our standards, and we’ll include our “10 Steps to Certification” and a readiness checklist. Your firm has flexibility in how it demonstrates compliance. And the evaluation is always conducted by reviewers who are experienced health care staffing professionals, who can often provide insights and tips about your business practices.