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Tuesday 2:58 CST, January 16, 2018

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Applying for Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation

August 31, 2012

Ready to apply?  Follow these simple steps for applying for accreditation and find out what happens after you apply.

Step 1: Request an Application for Accreditation by calling 630-792-5291, send an email to, or submit this form.

Step 2: Receive a password for accessing the application on your secure Joint Commission extranet site on Joint Commission Connect.

Step 3: Complete the application and indicate on the application a realistic “ready” month within the next 12 months for your on-site survey and up to 15 days to avoid.

Step 4: Submit the application electronically and receive a submission acknowledgement e-mail which includes instructions for how to submit the deposit.

Step 5: Submit your $1700 nonrefundable deposit. The deposit is applied toward your annual and onsite fees. For information on our fees, please contact us at 630-792-5115.

Step 6: Receive one complimentary Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals and one security to access this manual electronically (E-dition).

Step 7: Refer to the name of your assigned Account Executive on your extranet site who will help you throughout the accreditation process.

Step 8: Review information on your Joint Commission extranet site including the Survey Activity Guide, which details on-site survey activities.

Step 9: Continue to notify your Account Executive of your organization’s progress meeting all eligibility requirements before your survey occurs.