Analysis of 2015 eCQM Data Submitted to The Joint Commission | Joint Commission
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Friday 11:41 CST, February 23, 2018

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Analysis of 2015 eCQM Data Submitted to The Joint Commission

August 22, 2016

Hospitals had the option in 2015 of submitting electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) data to meet their ORYX reporting requirements.  There were 34 hospitals that were able to successfully transmit eCQM data to The Joint Commission based on 2015 discharges. Given that the eventual goal is for hospitals to meet most, if not all of their ORYX reporting requirements by submitting eCQM data, a data analysis was prepared to review the results of this initial eCQM submission.

Specifically, one goal of the data analysis was to examine the aggregate measure results, comparing them to the corresponding chart-based national averages in order to identify disagreements.  Another goal was to review stroke eCQMs where both eCQM and chart-based data were received from the same hospital in order to uncover reasons for any rate disagreements. Finally, another goal was to assess for missing data especially since missing data in eCQMs has been identified as a major issue in a previous pilot validation study.

Most importantly, this eCQM data analysis includes guidance for hospitals planning to transmit 2016 eCQM data to The Joint Commission in 2017.