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Sunday 11:51 CST, March 18, 2018

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Best of AmBuzz for 2017

Jan 10, 2018 | 618 Views

By Michael Kulczycki
Executive Director, Ambulatory Health Care

2017 was a year filled with important health care events and issues impacting the ambulatory care community, many of which were covered in Ambulatory Buzz… our very own informational ambulatory care blog. So, as 2017 transitions into the pages of the health care history books, let’s take a quick look back via a sampling of your favorite ambulatory care topics (based on number of “views”) posted on AmBuzz:


Top 10 Challenging Standards 
It’s always interesting to see how often, year-to-year, certain Joint Commission standards create compliance challenges for our ambulatory care (AHC) and office-based surgery (OBS) customers. Take a look back at the most commonly cited non-compliant AHC & OBS standards for 2016 – addressed by our Joint Commission standards experts – and you’ll be better prepared for the year ahead. 

Improve Your Center’s Infection Control & Prevention Processes
The Joint Commission’s ambulatory care program convenes an industry conference each year, bringing together our varied ambulatory care customers and standards experts. In 2017, Lisa Waldowski, Joint Commission’s infection control specialist, provided a thorough overview of critical infection prevention and control issues, essentially important to all ambulatory health care settings.

An ASC Administrator's View of the On-Site Survey
AmBuzz readers are always interested in other customer viewpoints. Last year, Raquel Rios, administrator of Crystal Run Surgery Center, shared her organization’s experience with the Joint Commission’s on-site survey process for an ASC, and why her organization found it a truly rewarding event. 

Patient Safety Systems Chapter for Ambulatory Care and Office-Based Surgery 
Although the “Patient Safety Systems” (PS) chapter does not contain any new standards or requirements, the PS chapter – first introduced in 2017 -- does describe how ambulatory care organizations (AHC) and office-based surgery (OBS) practices can apply existing Joint Commission requirements to support a strong and fully integrated patient safety system.

Five Things You Need to Know About 2017 Survey Changes for Medicare Deemed ASCs
These new changes impacted about two-thirds of Joint Commission accredited ambulatory care surgery centers (ASCs) choosing to use the Medicare deemed option to achieve accreditation. AmBuzz gave a ‘heads-up’ to ASC organizations that the changes might call for a larger time commitment from ASC leaders and staff, but noted the new processes would also add educational value to the survey process. 

Keys to Better Environment of Care Compliance with EC.02.06.01 – Part 1
Keys to Better Environment of Care Compliance with EC.02.06.01 – Part 2

This final selection from your list of favorite AmBuzz postings is actually a two-parter, providing a wealth of insights from Joint Commission staff engineer Kathy Tolomeo. There’s no doubt the environment of your health care facility is a critical component of your organization; after all, both your patients and your staff occupy this special space a good part of their day… so look back and learn!

2018 is marching forward and your AmBuzz will continue to address important health care issues and concerns relevant to you – our much-appreciated ambulatory and office-based surgery customers. If you’d like to contribute to AmBuzz, I encourage you to contact me at

Michael Kulczycki, MBA, CAE is the executive director for the Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program at The Joint Commission. Kulczycki has over 40 years of experience in managing and marketing health care organizations and other entities, previously serving as CEO of The Alliance for Healthcare Strategy and Marketing, Chicago; executive director of the Illinois Home Care Council, Chicago; and in a variety of senior healthcare association positions. Kulczycki was awarded an ASAE Fellow status (FASAE) by the American Society of Association Executives. In 2014, he was inducted as fellow member of the Institute of Medicine Chicago.

Kulczycki holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and earned his undergraduate degree in communications from Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.

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