Liability Insurers


The following list is solely intended to identify liability insurers which have informed The Joint Commission that they offer a financial consideration or preference to Joint Commission accredited or organizational certified organizations based upon the insurer’s recognition of Joint Commission accreditation or organizational certification as a risk reduction strategy. The list should be considered a reference document, and should not be interpreted as either a Joint Commission endorsement, implicit or explicit, or as a statement about the quality of the services or financial resources of the liability insurers included on the list. Insurers are listed based upon their self-reported attestation, indicating that a financial consideration or preference, related to Joint Commission accreditation or organizational certification, is applied when determining liability coverage.  


The Joint Commission makes no claims about the completeness of the list. It is possible that unlisted insurers may also offer a financial consideration to Joint Commission accredited and/or organizational certified organizations, but have not formally informed the Joint Commission of this benefit or actively sought inclusion on the list. Joint Commission accredited and/or organizational certified organizations are strongly encouraged to inquire about any financial considerations or other preferences that may be related to their accreditation status when seeking a new contract, or renewing an existing contract, with their insurer.


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