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Determine Your Eligibility

Organizations may apply for Joint Commission accreditation if all of the following requirements are met:
  • The organization is in the United States or its territories or, if outside the U.S., is operated by the U.S. government or under a charter of the U.S. Congress.
  • The organization is identified as a nursing home, skilled nursing facility, or as having long-term care beds as designated by the state, Medicare/Medicaid, or another government agency.
  • The organization assesses and improves the quality of its care, treatment, and/or services.
  • The organization identifies the services it provides, indicating which care, treatment, and/or services it provides directly, under contract, or through some other arrangement.
  • The organization provides services addressed by Joint Commission standards.
  • The organization has served at least five patients/residents, and has at least two active patients/residents at the time of survey.
  • For small homes with up to 18 beds, the minimum number of patients or residents required for organizations seeking accreditation for the first time is three, with at least two active at the time of survey.