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Process Steps

Curious what your path to critical access hospital accreditation looks like? Here are some steps to guide you through the accreditation process with confidence.

Understand Your Survey

The Joint Commission’s accreditation survey helps organizations improve the safety and quality of care and services. The process begins with an on-site survey that assesses compliance with Joint Commission standards.

Joint Commission surveyors are specially trained professionals with experience in the critical access hospital industry who understand the day-to-day issues that confront providers and have the hands-on expertise to help organizations resolve them.

On-site surveys involve:

  • Tracing the patient’s experience, which involves observing services provided by various caregivers and programs within the organization, as well as hand-offs between them
  • On-site observations and interviews
  • Assessment of the physical facility
  • Review of documents provided by the organization

Learn About Pricing

There are two components to the fees — annual fees which are invoiced every January during the triennial accreditation cycle and an on-site fee which is invoiced following the completion of your on-site survey. Annual fees are calculated based on the weighted volume for your organization. On-site fees are based on total number of surveyor days.