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Your Account Executive

Once you receive access to your application for accreditation, you will be assigned an account executive. These knowledgeable and helpful individuals will be your primary contact at the Joint Commission. You'll find their contact information on your Joint Commission Connect home page. They can help you: 

  • Answer questions about the application and survey preparation.
  • Navigate reporting any major changes at your organization such as new locations or facilities, programs or services, or leadership/ownership that might change your survey.
  • Provide support with your post-survey activities.
  • Connect you with other Joint Commission contacts as needed.

Standards Interpretation Group

Contact our Standards Interpretation Group (SIG) when you have questions about standards. They can help with interpreting and applying specific behavioral health care standards. You can also review their Frequently Asked Questions section, or submit your questions directly to them via a form.

Joint Commission Connect

Joint Commission Connect® is a personalized and secure extranet site that we maintain for your organization.  Dedicated to supporting your organization in managing its accreditation, this site is where you'll access your application, find your account executive's contact information, get your invoices and other key communications, and access other helpful resources to maintain accreditation expectations throughout your relationship with us.

Joint Commission Resources

Joint Commission Resources® provides one-stop shopping for accreditation education/training, software, publications, and a variety of other materials to prepare for and sustain your accreditation.