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Exclusive Business Intelligence Dashboards

Effectively and more efficiently power data-driven decisions that improve care and safety with our exclusive suite of complimentary business intelligence tools, including our most recent addition, the SAFER® Dashboard.  As part of our DASH (Data Analytics for Safe Healthcare) initiative, each dashboard in this growing collection conveniently assembles the key data leaders need in one place, making it easier to spot trends in performance and prioritize your improvement efforts for maximum impact.

The Joint Commission Difference

Stand out in the market by earning the industry’s most recognized quality distinction. Exceptional customer service and educational resources, surveys that are tailor-made for your organization’s settings and services, and collaborative and collegial surveyors make accreditation with The Joint Commission worth its weight in gold.

Benefits of Ambulatory Care Accreditation

The Gold Seal of Approval® from the Joint Commission is a widely recognized benchmark representing the most comprehensive evaluation process in the health care industry. Joint Commission accreditation benefits your organization — and your patients — in many ways. These may include:

  • Competitive Advantages
    Achieving accreditation is a visible demonstration to patients and the community that your organization provides the highest quality services.  
  • Recognition from Insurers, Associations and Other Third Parties
    Many regulatory agencies, payers and managed care contractors require Joint Commission accreditation for reimbursement, certification or licensure, and as a key element of their participation agreements.

  • Reduced Premiums for Liability Insurance
    Accreditation may improve access to, or reduce the cost of, liability insurance coverage. View liability insurers that recognize Joint Commission accreditation.

  • Evidence-Based Improvement Efforts
    Accreditation allows you to implement performance improvement concepts that continuously improve quality and help you standardize processes.

  • Enhanced Staff Education
    The accreditation process is designed to be educational. Your staff will learn  strategies to not only meet the intent of the standards but, more importantly, improve performance of day-to-day operations.
  • Experienced Surveyors
    Our surveyors are clinical and administrative professionals experienced in ambulatory care settings. Averaging 4 surveys a month and undergoing annual training, our surveyors bring their vast experience and expertise to your doorstep.

  • Collaborative Review
    In combination with surveyors sharing insights and best practices, the unique on-site “tracer” process engages both patients and staff, allowing organizations to show how they meet the standards beyond policies and procedures.