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Benefits of Achieving Accreditation

By demonstrating compliance to our nationally recognized quality and safety framework Joint Commission accreditation is uniquely positioned to help leaders from across the care continuum:

  • Raise the overall bar on performance
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks
  • Foster improved clinical outcomes
  • Learn and implement best practices
  • Standardize care processes across sites and within systems
  • Build the foundation for achieving zero harm and high reliability
  • Differentiate in competitive markets and within provider networks
  • Meet federal, state or payor requirements

Additionally, through our broad spectrum of certification programs and affiliates, Joint Commission is uniquely qualified to support you and your entire organization on your continued performance improvement journey.

Hear from Our Customers

If you think Joint Commission accreditation is expensive, try not being accredited. Quality saves money. If we can prevent a fall or a hospital-associated infection, that benefits our bottom line.
Allen S. Weiss, M.D. - NCH Healthcare Systems

Bottom line, Joint Commission accreditation helps us attract customers who might not look at us otherwise. The Gold Seal gives us instant credibility. We have facilities in different parts of the country, so when families choose a location they know that each facility provides the same high quality care no matter where it is located.
Chris A. Banken, Sequel Youth and Family Services

A collaborative, aspirational, process-focused opportunity…to not only assess compliance with standards, but to evaluate delivery of care in order to hardwire safety and achieve optimal outcomes.
Ahnna Parker, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

The decision to become Joint Commission accredited has been crucial to our success.  Accreditation forms the foundation of our policies and procedures and has established us as a safe, stable, clinical environment.
Dustin Tibbitts, L.M.F.T. - InnerChange New Haven