Supporting Health Care Organizations in all Settings

While many health care settings are similar, each health care organization is unique. That’s why supporting the needs of your individual environment is crucial. Our leaders continuously advocate for health care organizations to ensure policies are in your best interests.

We also collaborate with other health care associations such as the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association, as well as many others, to advocate for safer policies.

Adapting Our Protocols to Match the Current Environment

Our enhanced approach to surveys is designed to help your health care organization ensure your accreditation and certification status continues but have been adapted to ensure the safety of everyone involved. While on-site surveys are the preferred and standard option, some organizations may be eligible for a virtual survey. If your organization is eligible for a virtual survey, our account executives will reach out to discuss the process.

Guiding You Forward with New Tools and Resources

At The Joint Commission, we are continuously creating tools and resources to help health care organizations deliver the highest and safest quality of care. From the start of this pandemic, we’ve developed many new resources in the areas of Infection Prevention and Control, Emergency Management as well as COVID-19.

Additional Services and Solutions

Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®) offers a vast portfolio of tools to help you tackle survey readiness and help you achieve and maintain high performance in delivering quality, patient-focused care. Uniquely positioned to help your organization as it responds and recovers from this current pandemic, JCR can also provide infection control and environment of care resources, accreditation readiness services, and programs like Tracers with AMP® to identify risk and make informed decisions on how to prioritize resources and implement and monitor improvements.

Contact Us

Have questions? Currently accredited organizations or recent applicants should contact their account executive for more information. Others may reach out by contacting us using the button below.