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Friday 6:09 CST, February 5, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Life Safety (LS) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

Computers on wheels
Updated | May 26, 2009
Q. How long can computers on wheels be in corridors? Are they allowed to charge in the corridors?

A. Computers on wheels and other wheeled carts may be in the corridors provided they are "in use" and addressed in a fire plan (i.e., move them from the corridor in an emergency situation). "In use" would refer to anything in the corridors that is idle for less than 30 minutes. Crash carts and isolation carts (when associated with a patient) are considered to be in use at all times. The computers on wheels are allowed to charge in the corridors while in use and may be stored in alcoves provided the corridor width is not compromised at any time. Keep in mind that the batteries in the computers on wheels are to be the sealed lead-acid type of either absorbed glass mat design or sealed case. Lastly, battery systems (SLA, NiMH, Li-Ion or Li-Ion Polymer) are to utilize a smart charging system with overcharge and shorted cell protection.