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Sunday 4:26 CST, February 7, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Emergency Management (EM) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

When The Community Will Not Participate With Emergency Planning
Current | January 13, 2009
Q. What can an organization do when the community will not or is hesitant to participate with emergency planning?  

A. The Joint Commission recognizes that there are communities that may be unwilling or unable to participate in an accredited organization's emergency planning. In order to show compliance with community involvement for the development of the Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) and strategies and support in the event of an emergency (HVA), organizations will be allowed to show evidence of communication with the community and the responses; i.e., letters, meeting minutes, email correspondence. Also, organizations could consider having an administrator talk with the mayor or other official to explain the criticality of partnering with the organization in order for the community to be supported by the organization as well as the organization by the community during an emergency.