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Tuesday 10:38 CST, February 9, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Emergency Management (EM) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

The 96-hour Requirement
Current | March 09, 2009
Q. Are organizations required to have 96 hour capability on hand for the six critical areas regarding emergency response?  

A. No, the Joint Commission does not expect this. The requirement is to determine whether the organization has the capability to sustain itself (independent or by the local community) for 96 hours. For example, most organizations do not have the fuel capacity, water for drinking and patient care, or water for process equipment and sanitation to sustain themselves for 96 hours. If it is determined, after all measures of conservation, curtailment, and support from outside of the community are exhausted, that the capability is only 80 hours, then evacuation would be an appropriate response.