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Sunday 4:28 CST, February 7, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Environment of Care (EC) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

Standpipe Fire Hose Testing
Updated | November 24, 2008
Q. Do fire hoses for standpipes or fire hose cabinets have to be tested with any particular frequency?  

A. Yes, per NFPA 1962, the 1998 edition (Section 2-3), all occupant-use hoses should be service-tested (hydrostatically) in accordance with Chapter 5 of that standard at intervals not exceeding five years after installation and every three years thereafter. A summary of the inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements for all components of a standpipe and hose system can be found in NFPA 25, Table 3-1. Many state and local fire officials have been allowing health care organizations to remove their occupant-use hose. Fire departments cannot always rely on building hose so they always bring their own reliable hose. If you choose to remove your building fire hose, you should always check with your fire department first. In addition, it is recommended that this coordination be in writing to avoid potential problem areas in the future.