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Saturday 11:09 CST, November 28, 2015

Standards FAQ Details


Environment of Care (CAMCAH / Critical Access Hospitals)

Staff Only Refrigerators
Updated | November 24, 2008
Q. Is there a Joint Commission standard which requires us to maintain temperature logs for staff only refrigerators?  

A. There is no Joint Commission standard that requires thermometers in, or temperature logs for, staff only refrigerators. Staff refrigerators are not usually in the equipment or utilities management program. They are similar to microwaves or coffee machines. If they stop working, they are either repaired or replaced. Organizations should have plans that address this issue from a housekeeping and cleanliness point of view. Thermometers and logs are one way of monitoring, but by no means the only way. It may chosen to simply clean them out once a week. It is recommended that you contact your state board of health; they may have an overriding standard.