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Saturday 7:16 CST, February 6, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Medical Staff (MS) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

Querying the National Practitoner DatabankUsing the "Proactive Disclosure Service" (PDS)?
Current | April 22, 2015
Q. Can organizations use the National Practitioner Data Bank's (NPDB) "Proactive Disclosure Service" (PDS)for reprivileging?

A. Use of National Practitioner Data Bank's "Proactive Disclosure Service" (PDS) by an organization is acceptable for the ongoing NPDB information after the organization obtains an initial NPDB query for each practitioner. 

To demonstrate compliance in this area the organization would need to have record of a baseline query and then share with the surveyors that no updates have been received from the NPDB.  There does not need to be documentation in the record that no further communication has been received.

As with any NPDB information, the orgnaization would review the PDS information received or confirm that no new information had been recieved, whenever they are granting a new privilege or renewing existing privileges.