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Saturday 7:15 CST, February 6, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services (PC) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

Pre-Induction Assessment For Sedation And Anesthesia
Updated | November 24, 2008
Q: When must the pre-induction assessment be performed?

A: Joint Commission standards require that "the patient is reevaluated immediately before moderate or deep sedation use and before anesthesia induction". The word immediately would mean when the patient is on the procedure table, in the moments before the sedation is to be administered.

Q: What are the required elements of the assessment?
A: The standard does not specify the required elements or the assessment rather it is the responsibility of the organization as part of the assessment planning standard. Typically the assessment includes, vital signs, status of the airway and response to any pre-procedure medications.
Q: Where must the findings be documented?
A: The organization is free to determine its documentation format, e.g, using a separate assessment document or requiring the pre-induction assessment findings be the first entry on the procedure record.