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Thursday 2:52 CST, February 11, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Life Safety (LS) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

One-Time Extension Based on Unforeseen Conditions
Updated | November 24, 2008
Q. When the Joint Commission grants an organization an extension for one or more PFI items, does the organization receive a new six-month window beyond the newly approved completion date?  

A. The universal answer is "no". Organizations are not given an automatic additional six month extended completion date. When requesting a one-time extension it is the expectation that the revised completion date has been thoroughly considered, major impediments are cleared, and the new date is accurate.

The Joint Commission will review, on a case-by-case basis, extension dates that have not been achieved. Under extraordinary conditions, a further extension may be granted. This will be the rare exception to our policy of a one-time extension based on unforeseen conditions.