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Sunday 11:24 CST, February 7, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

Transfusion Administration Safety - NPSG - Goal 1 - 01.03.01
Revised | December 09, 2008

Qualified transfusionist and second individual

Q. Are there any specifications on who must be identified as the qualified transfusionist (EP 2) and the second individual (EP 3)?

A. The determination of who may transfuse blood and blood products is made by each accredited organization under consideration of law and regulation as well as competence.  The second qualified individual can be any staff member that the organization determines to be qualified; it need not be a qualified transfusionist.

Identification when receiving blood products from the blood bank

Q. Does NPSG.01.03.01 apply to the receipt of blood or blood products from the blood bank, or only to the transfusion itself?

A. While optimal identification is encouraged at all stages of the blood matching process, this goal applies only to the transfusion process itself.



Q. Does NPSG.01.03.01 apply to administration of RhoGAM?®

A. No, RhoGAM® is classified as a drug by the FDA, not a blood product.