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Saturday 11:11 CST, February 13, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Provision of Care, Treatment, and Services (PC) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

LPNs Performing Assessment
Revised | November 24, 2008
Q: Can an LPN perform assessments?

 A:  The hospital standards are specific to only an RN performing the nursing assessment within 24 hours afer admission.  It may be possible for an LPN to collect the data and then have an RN assess the data for use in determining the patient's needs and developing the plan of care.   An LPN may collect data if this is allowed by your state's Nurse Practice Act as within her/his scope of practice but the RN must complete the nursing assessment of the data collected. 

It may be possible for an LPN to perform partial or full assessment in only specific situations such as personal care and support services.  This again would depend on the scope of practice as defined by your state's Nurse Practice Act.