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Thursday 6:57 CST, February 11, 2016

Standards FAQ Details


Environment of Care (EC) (Critical Access Hospitals / Critical Access Hospitals)

Installation of Call Buttons
Revised | August 07, 2009
Q. What are the requirements for an emergency call button in a public accessible restroom?  Is the requirement different if used by patients only? Is the requirement different in occupancy compared to business occupancy?  

A. See the AIA "Guidelines for Design & Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities", 2001 edition, for specific application of nurse call and call buttons.  The requirements are not the same for different services that may be provided - the level of risk to the patient determines location. If the answer to your specific question is not in the Guidelines, conduct a risk assessment to determine the need of a call button. Also, in a business occupancy, the risk assessment may include the physical condition/ability/needs of the public that may use a public restroom.  A final consideration may be the organization's policy of response in a public setting (i.e., does the organization provide assistance or contact EMS as first responder to a public occurrence?).