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Sunday 4:42 CST, April 26, 2015

Standards FAQs





Select a manual to view FAQs.  Want to be alerted to updates to the Standards FAQs?  Sign Up.   The Joint Commission standards are NOT available on this website.  The standards are available in print and electronic formats and can be purchased from Joint Commission Resources.  

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  • New:  The Standards FAQ was created and effective on this date.
  • Current:  The FAQ is up-to-date.
  • Revised:  Revisions were made to the content of the Standard FAQ.
  • Updated:  The FAQ was reviewed and there were either no changes or only the standards numbers were updated. 



Ambulatory Health Care (CAMAC)

New Standards FAQs
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Topic ChapterStatusPublish Date
Acceptable Abbreviation List Information ManagementCurrentApril 22, 2015
Authentication of Documentation Record of Care, Treatment, and ServicesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Contracted Services LeadershipCurrentApril 22, 2015
Delegation of the History and Physical Examination Provision of Care, Treatment, and ServicesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Filming And Recording Rights and Responsibilities of the IndividualCurrentApril 22, 2015
H&P from non-credentialed practitioners Provision of Care, Treatment, and ServicesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Influenza vaccination for licensed independent practitioners and staff Infection Prevention and ControlCurrentApril 22, 2015
Medication Refrigeration Temperature Logs Medication ManagementCurrentApril 22, 2015
Minimum Patient Information - Medication Record of Care, Treatment, and ServicesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Monitoring of Hand Hygiene - NPSG - Goal 7 - 07.01.01 NPSGCurrentApril 22, 2015
Multi-dose Vials Medication ManagementCurrentApril 22, 2015
Peer References Human ResourcesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Querying the National Practitoner DatabankUsing the "Proactive Disclosure Service" (PDS)? Human ResourcesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Requirements for Criminal Background Checks Human ResourcesCurrentApril 22, 2015
Texting Orders Record of Care, Treatment, and ServicesNewApril 22, 2015