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Tuesday 8:49 CST, June 30, 2015

Comment on a Standard

Do you have a comment about the value of Joint Commission Standards?

The Joint Commission strives to ensure that our standards are of the most value to our customers.  In order to assist us with this process, we are interested in receiving your comments on the value of our standards.  Value can be a subjective term so, to help frame it, please consider the following characteristics as those that would contribute to a valuable standard:

  • Has a strong evidence-base
  • Has a strong relationship to patient outcomes/clinical care
  • Supports a health care organization’s achievement of patient safety and quality of care
  • Has benefits that outweigh the costs
  • Supports a health care priority that impacts quality and safety

Comment on a Standard


*NOTE:  Questions related to the interpretation of a standard should be directed to the Standards Interpretation Group via the online standards question form.

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