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Wednesday 9:47 CST, September 2, 2015

Speaking Engagements Summary

Speakers from The Joint Commission regularly speak at local, regional and national conferences on a variety of topics. Below are a few upcoming speaking engagements.

Speaking Engagements

This Week:

08/31/2015 Infection Control in the OR Suite
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: MD Publishing - OR Today Live!
Speaker: Lisa Waldowski, MS, APRN, CIC - Infection Control Specialist, SIG
Location: Las Vegas, NV


Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

09/07/2015 Perinatal Core Measures
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: National Perinatal Information Center/Quality Analytic Services Webinar
Speaker: Celeste Milton, MPH, BSN, RN, Associate Project Director

09/10/2015 2015 Joint Commission Update
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: California Ambulatory Surgery Association
Speaker: Susan Annicelli, RN, MA, MS, MSN - Ambulatory Surveyor
Location: Huntington Beach, CA

09/11/2015 Synergy of Health Care Workers and Patient Safety: Perspectives from The Joint Commission
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare
Speaker: Ann Scott Blouin, PhD, RN, FACHE - EVP Customer Relations, and Michael Kulczycki, Executive Director, Ambulatory Care
Location: San Francisco, CA

09/18/2015 New Diagnostic Imaging Standards
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Radiology Imaging Associates
Speaker: Andrea Browne, Ph.D., Medical Physicist
Location: Denver, CO

09/22/2015 Top patient quality and safety issues in US emergency departments
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: American College of Emergency Physicians -Webinar
Speaker: Daniel Ross, Field Director

09/23/2015 Preparing for Advanced Certification in Heart Failure
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: American Heart Association
Speaker: David Eickemeyer, Associate Director, Certification
Location: St. Paul, MN

09/24/2015 Life Safety Code, Environment of Care, Survey Process
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Michigan Society of Healthcare Engineers
Speaker: Kathy Tolomeo, CHEM - Engineer
Location: Boyne Falls, MI

09/24/2015 Survey Highlights and Findings
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: CLMA Siouxland
Speaker: Larry Weaver, MA, MT, DLM - Laboratory Surveyor
Location: Sioux Falls, SD

09/25/2015 Survey Readiness
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Dignity Health
Speaker: John Maurer, SASHE, CHFM, CHSP, Engineer
Location: Las Vegas, NV

09/29/2015 Environment of Care
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: IFMA Healthcare Institute
Speaker: Chris Ricchiuto, CHFM, CFPS - Life Safety Code Specialist
Location: New York, NY

10/01/2015 Perinatal Certification
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Dignity Health
Speaker: Caroline Isbey, RN, MSN, CDE, Associate Director
Location: Las Vegas, NV

10/09/2015 TJC Standards and Compliance - Effective Communication for Patient Centered Care
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: MasterWord Services
Speaker: Christina Cordero, Ph.D., MPH, Project Director
Location: Houston, TX

10/10/2015 Administrative Considerations in MCS: Program Certification
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Speaker: Tonya Elliott, MSN, RN, CCTC - DSC Reviewer
Location: Los Angeles, CA

10/14/2015 Top TJC Citations & Tips on Compliance
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers
Speaker: John Maurer, SASHE, CHFM, CHSP, Engineer
Location: Overland Park, KS

10/15/2015 Quality Measurement in Palliative Care
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Duke Cancer Institute - Webinar
Speaker: Susan Yendro, RN, MSN - Associate Project Director

10/23/2015 Joint Commission Update
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: MD Publishing
Speaker: John Maurer, SASHE, CHFM, CHSP, Engineer
Location: Las Vegas, NV

11/13/2015 New Perinatal Certification Program
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Synova Associates
Speaker: Kelly Quigley, RN, BSN, MBA - Associate Director, DSC Certification
Location: Dallas, TX

12/08/2015 National Patient Safety Goals
Speaking Engagement Details


Organization: Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses - Webinar
Speaker: Stephen Knoll, CRNA, MA - Associate Director, SIG


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