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Tuesday 8:09 CST, November 24, 2015

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Patient Blood Management Performance Measures Project

June 27, 2011


The Implementation Guide for The Joint Commission Patient Blood Management Performance Measures

 2011 is now available and provides detailed specifications for seven measures related to transfusionsand select elective surgery patients.  The Joint Commission is pleased to make this information publicly available and encourages hospitals to examine their processes around blood transfusion to identify opportunities for improvement. 


Implementation Guide for The Joint Commission Patient Blood Management Performance Measures 2011 


Funding for the Blood Management Performance Measures Project was provided by unrestricted educational grants from Bayer Healthcare LLC, ITxMsm Blood Science Foundation and ZymoGenetics, Inc.  

Background 2007 - 2010

In January 2007, key thought leaders from various organizations convened a stakeholder meeting to discuss whether sufficient evidence existed to develop Blood Management Performance Measures. These stakeholders supported proceeding with this project, so the Blood Management performance measures project was initiated to identify, develop, and test a set of standardized measures to help assess blood management in the hospital setting.  The Call for Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Nominations and the Call for Measures were posted in early 2008 and the (TAP) members convened in April.  The candidate measures were posted for public comments and many hospitals participated in the two phases of testing the draft measures that ultimately were finalized by the TAP.  At the completion of the project, the measures were renamed the Patient Blood Management (PBM) Performance Measures and include the following:

  • PBM-01 Transfusion Consent
  • PBM-02 RBC Transfusion Indication
  • PBM-03 Plasma Transfusion Indication
  • PBM-04 Platelet Transfusion Indication
  • PBM-05 Blood Administration Documentation
  • PBM-06 Preoperative Anemia Screening
  • PBM-07 Preoperative Blood Type Testing and Antibody Screening


The final measures were recommended with modification by the TAP in November 2010 and submitted to the National Quality Forum (NQF) for consideration of endorsement.  Although not endorsed for use at the national level, these measures are an excellent tool for healthcare organizations to evaluate the transfusion consent process, blood utilization, blood administration documentation and identify processes related to elective surgery that may decrease the need for blood and improve patient safety.   

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