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Medication Management (MM) (Hospital and Hospital Clinics / Hospitals)

Sample Medications
Updated | November 24, 2008
Q. What issues must our organization consider relating to sample medications?  

A.  The following issues:

  • Patient-specific medication information must be available in some fashion (MM.01.01.01)
  • Medication must be safely stored (MM.03.01.01)
  • Medication orders or prescriptions are clear and accurate (MM.04.01.01)
  • The patient record contains information that reflects the patients care, treatment or services (RC.02.01.01) 
  • Medications are labeled, (MM.05.01.09) 
  • The organization follows a process to retrieve recalled or discontinued medications (MM.0501.17).
  • The organization monitors patients to determine the effects of their medications (MM.07.01.01.
  • The organization responds to actual or potential adverse drug events, significant adverse drug reactions, and medication errors (M.07.01.03).
  • The organization provides patient education and training based on each patient’s needs and abilities (PC.02.03.01).
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