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Tuesday 12:34 CST, July 7, 2015

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Improving America’s Hospitals: The Joint Commission’s Annual Report on Quality and Safety 2013

October 29, 2013

Improving America's Hospitals - The Joint Commission's Annual Report on Quality and Safety 2013The 2013 report includes The Joint Commission’s list of Top Performer on Key Quality Measures® hospitals. Thirty-three percent of all Joint Commission-accredited hospitals that reported accountability measure data to The Joint Commission in 2012 are recognized as Top Performer hospitals. These 1,099 hospitals represent a 77 percent increase in Top Performer organizations from last year. The list of Top Performer hospitals and the measure sets for which each hospital is recognized is available online.

The annual report also summarizes the performance of 3,300 Joint Commission-accredited hospitals on 47 accountability measures of evidence-based care processes closely linked to positive patient outcomes. Hospital performance on accountability measures has improved significantly over time, greatly enhancing the quality of care provided in Joint Commission-accredited hospitals. In 2012, Joint Commission-accredited hospitals achieved 97.6 percent composite accountability measure performance on 18.3 million opportunities to perform care processes closely linked to positive patient outcomes – an improvement of 15.8 percentage points since 2002, when hospitals achieved 81.8 percent composite performance on 957,000 opportunities.